Kim Kardashian Faced a TikTok Backlash After Daughter North Talked About Her “Favorite” Movie


Kim Kardashian’s 9-year-old daughter, North West, divided TikTok viewers after she revealed that her favorite horror movie with an R rating.

In the video, which racked up 900,000 views before it was quickly deleted, North told viewers that her favorite movie of all time was “The Curse 3.”

A 9-year-old girl shared an unexpected revelation in a short video posted on the TikTok kimandnorth joint account, which she shares with her mother.

North explained to her 9.6 million followers that she likes to start her morning by watching the 2021 horror movie, which has an R rating for “horror, violence and some disturbing footage.”

She then pointed the camera at her TV screen, which was broadcasting the movie “The Curse 3: The Devil Made Me Do It” on a streaming movie site.

Although comments for North and Kim Kardashian’s joint account are always disabled, some TikToker users have uploaded videos asking viewers what they think of North’s statements.


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TikTok Split Over North’s Favorite Movie

Some TikTok users considered it inappropriate for a 9-year-old girl to watch a horror movie, criticizing her mother.

“This is too old for her, children under 15 should not watch this,” one of them wrote.

“Kim Kardashian needs to watch her baby, this movie is not for kids,” another added.

“Why is North’s favorite movie “The Curse 3″? it doesn’t suit me,” a third shared. “Kim, take your baby.”

Others, however, defended North and Kim, saying they also watched scary movies when they were kids.

“I watched much worse shit and scarier shit when I was her age BFFR,” one user commented. “People just want to get mad at things.”

“I literally watched so many R—rated movies even before I went to elementary school,” another shared. “Didn’t almost every child watch scary movies before the age of 13? I don’t see a big problem,” someone else said.


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