Kim Kardashian Explains The Rules For Using TikTok by Daughter North


Kim Kardashian has revealed the rules she sets so that her daughter North West can use TikTok, and their videos together regularly go viral.

North West and her mother Kim Kardashian have had a joint TikTok account for more than a year, and the couple is constantly uploading videos, participating in many viral tasks of the application.

In an episode of “The goop Podcast” with Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim explained some of the rules she has regarding the use of nine-year-old North’s video application.

“I think all families are different, even in my family. How Kourtney works, how Khloe works, how Kylie works… we always say that all families are different,” she explained.

“It’s difficult with social media because all my cousins, all my nieces and nephews are my children’s best friends. They’re all the same age. So if Penelope has TikTok, North wants TikTok, and all the girls at school have TikTok.”


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“However, I have made a rule with their father about this. He’s not happy about it. I respect that. But it can only be on my phone,” she said, referring to Kanye West’s disapproval of his daughter being on TikTok.

She further explained that they “don’t comment,” that their comments are disabled for all their downloads, and that North can’t “scroll and look at things.”

“I take it as something more creative if it’s age-appropriate and they’re having fun… and it’s so annoying because I just won’t have my phone for so long because she’ll take it and do that.”

“I found a groove with her TikTok while it’s me and her together and I’m there. This is working at the moment. But it’s a crazy world, I don’t deny it.”

The mother and daughter duo regularly collects millions of views and likes for their downloads on TikTok, creating many iconic moments on social networks.


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