Kim Kardashian escapes to a private island to feel “normal”


The socialite, Kim Kardashian welcomed her 40 with a trip to a private island where she could live and forget for a moment the Covid-19 pandemic.

As an incredibly wealthy and wise woman once said in a bathtub, Covid-19 is the “great equalizer,” a global catastrophe that proves, rich or poor, that we are all one cubit away from contracting a disease that has killed more than 225,000 Americans and one of the celebrities who faced the most stress is Kim Kardashian.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a 1.13 acre complex, the confinement feels like a prison, doesn’t it? Perhaps for the first time in history, the obscenely rich and the dirty poor are in this together. Can you even imagine it?

Even someone as wealthy as Kim Kardashian, an entrepreneur and potential First Lady, has seen her world rocked by Bad Germ.

Kim Kardashian releases post-pandemic stress

So for her 40th birthday, she wanted to remember, if only for a moment, what it was like to feel “normal.” She has been humble, after all; these times have reminded him of the things that “really matter.”

You know, family and safety and traveling to private islands to swim with whales and be cared for by people in masks.

The solicited writes that, for most people, this type of travel is “so far out of reach right now,” an acknowledgment of people’s current inability to travel to their own private islands due to the economic impact of the pandemic.

“[In] times like these,” he continues, “it humbly reminds me how privileged my life is. # thisis40, “wrote Kim Kardashian on her social media.

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Fans, hungry for this kind of uplifting content in the midst of a pandemic, were so enthralled by Kim’s post that they began paying tribute to him with their own tweets.

Kim Kardashian adds that Covid-19 taught us all, not just billionaires with access to private islands and masked waiters, to truly appreciate the “simple luxury” of travel.


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