Kim Kardashian Earns $ 1 Million Per Instagram Post!


Kim Kardashian Makes Huge Fortune On Instagram! Indeed, her  posts are estimated at more than 1 million dollars. We tell you everything!

Kim Kardashian earns millions of dollars from her Instagram posts! Indeed, the star claims colossal sums to advertise the brands on her profile.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is the queen of Instagram! Indeed, the ex of Kanye West manages her image perfectly on the famous social network. And not a day goes by without her making the buzz with her photos!

The It-girl has a huge community behind her. She has more than 205 million subscribers who follow her adventures every day. Unbelievable !

Kim Kardashian therefore possesses a real power of influence over her fans. And brands are ready to pay millions to appear in her photos!

The star has therefore developed a real business on Instagram. Indeed, the star claims colossal sums to make a sponsored post. And its prices may surprise you!

The bomb recently unveiled the price of her Instagram posts. And her photos cost no less than a million dollars! A rather lucrative business when you know that the star shares several pictures a day!

Kim Kardashian Earns Almost $ 1 Million Per Instagram Post!


Kim Kardashian therefore uses her notoriety to make a fortune on the Web. Despite its exorbitant prices, many brands appeal to the star to have visibility.

The bomb thus raises nearly $ 1 million to talk about a product in a photo. Unbelievable !

The young mother thus multiplies the collaborations on her profile. It is not uncommon to see her talking about her favorite products or her latest favorites.

These are really product placements that pay him big! But that doesn’t stop people from following her news and buying the same brands as her! Unbelievable !

Kim Kardashian therefore no longer has to prove herself on the Internet! The star is one of the most popular influencers in the world. The bomb therefore has a bright future ahead of it!

Social networks are not the star’s primary source of income. Indeed, the sulphurous brunette also earns millions of euros with her different brands of clothing and beauty.

According to Forbes magazine, the fortune of the It girl is estimated to be over $ 350 million. Unbelievable ! Like what, the young woman is a real businesswoman!

Between her businesses, her show and social media, Kim Kardashian manages her business with a masterful hand! And so the latter has not finished impressing us with her exploits!

It remains to be seen if the star is considering new projects in 2021 to further exploit her image! Case to follow!


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