Kim Kardashian: Did Kanye West cheat on Jeffree Star?


While they are about to divorce, a rumor comes to shake up the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are well and truly divorced! But a few hours after this announcement, the web ignited in the face of a rumor. And not the least.

After eight years together and six years of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be on the verge of divorce. Although the 40-year-old tried to save her marriage on numerous occasions, everything suggests that she eventually gave up. Indeed, the pretty brunette has just hired one of the most formidable lawyers in the country, known as Laura Wasser. It will break loose !

And while the world of peoples is struggling to recover, here are some new rather crazy revelations igniting the web. For example, several sources claim that Kim Kardashian could get as much money as possible following their divorce. Because ! Kanye West is said to have broken one of the many clauses of their marriage contract: namely, loyalty. Ouch!

Indeed, Kanye West would have maintained an extra-marital relationship and would therefore have cheated on his wife, Kim Kardashian. Misfortune ! But who is it? You may be shocked … or have a good laugh!


The 43-year-old rapper would have cheated on his beautiful with… Jeffree Star! The latter is a 35-year-old makeup artist who recently launched his own makeup brand.

In France, only makeup fans know him in France. However, this YouTuber is very famous in the United States. It is also quite common to find it in the midst of controversy. But Jeffree Star is adored for his beauty expertise, his offbeat tutorials and of course for his cosmetics brand.

It should be noted that Jeffree Star knows Kim Kardashian very well. But he would have grown closer to her husband. It’s simple: the beauty star resides in the state of Wyoming. And Kanye West owns a ranch in that state in the western United States.

Some Internet users, surprised or affected, did not fail to react on the social network to the blue bird. The comments were very numerous. While some have taken things very seriously (“SO KANYE WEST DEFEATED KIM K WITH JEFFREE STAR ?????????? JV M’ÉVANOUIR C’EST IMPROBABLE”), others preferred to laugh. (“You weren’t ready for 2020… but you haven’t seen anything from 2021 yet”). And you, what do you think of this rumor? Is it true or false?

Regardless, nothing has yet been confirmed by Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, or even the famous Jeffree Star. We will then have to remain wary over the next few days. To be continued !


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