Kim Kardashian: Could Kanye West be happier without her


Is rapper Kanye West happier since his split from Kim Kardashian? We give you more details. Would Kanye West be happier without his wife Kim Kardashian?

It’s no secret. The divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is imminent!

Indeed, nothing is going any more between the two spouses. And it seems that the parents of 4 children have finally decided to leave.

In fact, Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are worried about their favorite star. Many believe that Kim Kardashian will be much better off without Kanye West.

While others also believe that the rapper will be much happier without his wife. Indeed they say he will do much better without it!

So their love story comes to an end. Even if this decision seems rather sad, you should know that divorces are a common thing in the life of the Kardashians!

Indeed, Kim Kardashian even divorced twice before marrying Kanye West. The Sun news outlet explains that the couple got into a heated argument last December.

An argument which greatly annoyed the young mother. In fact, sources close to the couple confirm that the couple separated at that time.

We also noticed the absence of the young dad for the holiday season. The businesswoman has since hired a lawyer to handle her divorce.

This divorce will not be the same as the others. Indeed, the two spouses share a lot more things, including 4 children! For the moment, the two stars are still very discreet about this divorce.


As painful as it may sound, the separation of the couple could be beneficial to the artist. Indeed, many Keeping Up With the Kardashians believe he’ll be happier without Kim Kardashian.

Remember that the rapper had confided that his wife was trying to intern him. He also denounced that his stepmother Kris Jenner was also in cahoots with his daughter.

So without Kim Kardashian the rapper will feel like he has regained his freedom. Even if the latter has never lost her!

But what will he do without her? Well, many think that the young artist will be able to concentrate on his musical activities!

Where then will the experience of becoming President of the United States resonate? Finally, let us also remember the time when Kanye West swung that Kim Kardashian wanted to abort their first child.

We can imagine that this was also a reason for the rapper to leave his wife. For some time, the rapper no longer lives with his family.

Indeed, he went into exile on their ranch in Wyoming. The relatives of the couple think in all that this separation will be good for both parties.

Kim Kardashian for her part seems in any case already busy. Indeed, the young woman is studying law to become a lawyer.


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