Kim Kardashian: Chicago is having fun with its cousin True!


Kim Kardashian posted super cute videos on Instagram. On the extracts, his daughter Chicago and his niece True have a blast!

Kim Kardashian has melted his entire community on the Web. Kanye West’s wife shared videos of Chicago and True. And the two girls had a lot of fun in a cart driven by the businesswoman.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is very family friendly! For several years, she has been performing with her mother and sisters in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. And her children (like those of Khloé, Kylie and Kourtney) often appear on the show. Spectators love to see their little faces on the screen.

Very active on the Web, Kim Kardashian very often publishes photos of her clan. For the holiday season, she had made a splash by posing with her husband and 4 children. As usual, the pretty family opted for ultra classy and trendy outfits. Unsurprisingly, all the fans of the pretty brunette had validated all of her shots en masse!

If Kim Kardashian knew how to build a real empire, there is no question for her that her toddlers become spoiled rotten. The young woman also wants to instill in them the value of work. With her husband Kanye West, she is very attentive to the education of her children. But the pretty brunette is also very fond of her nephews and nieces. A few hours ago, the businesswoman also released videos of her daughter Chicago and her niece True!

On the extracts, we can therefore see the two cousins ​​seated in a shopping cart. Kim Kardashian then has fun spinning them around her. As if it were a little merry-go-round. The two girls do not seem to be afraid, on the contrary. On the other images, Chicago and True are very accomplices. They also seem inseparable! In any case, the followers of pretty Kim all loved her adorable post.

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