Kim Kardashian can’t help but tweet on a plane!


Return on the TSA case – Kim Kardashian! Scoop, the star tells us that she can not help but tweet on a plane and that it caused her some problems!

Take a look back at the TSA – Kim Kardashian affair! Scoop, the star tells us she can’t help but tweet on planes and it’s caused her some trouble!

Kim Kardashian is hands down one of the most famous and influential women in the world! Business woman, reality TV star, fashion influencer on Instagram, … nothing stops her!

However, Kim Kardashian is not above the law! She then tells us about her quarrels with the authorities because the beauty has “had trouble” with the Transportation Security Administration on two occasions!

And for good reason … Everyone knows that it is forbidden to use your phone in flight … Yet Kim posted a tweet on a plane.


Shock! Kim Kardashian West confessed that something she recently tweeted a few years earlier had passed on TSA’s radar.

“I tweeted on the plane while the Air Marshal was sitting next to me,” Kim Kardashian said. He told me [he was an air commissioner] and I tweeted him. She said she asked the air commissioner for permission to tweet about her.

She then continued, “I think I had big problems. TSA even issued a statement! ”

Indeed, Kim Kardashian West had tweeted: “I’m on the plane … I love wifi! I’m sitting next to an Air Marshall! Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe! ”

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But that’s not all ! An Air Marshall must indeed keep his identity a secret … yet he confessed to the star his top secret function …


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