Kim Kardashian called “right” after a new interview


The reaction to Allure’s recent interview with The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian continued with the interviewer posting a story on Instagram, calling her titled. Kim became the cover star of the August issue of Allure, and although the business mogul looked flawless in the broadcast photos, it was her statements in the interview that excited the audience. Kim, who recently launched her first skincare brand SKKN, told an interviewer that she had no fillers on her face and only a small amount of botox. The reality TV star continued that she had never applied filler to her cheeks or lips in 41 years.

Fans of the Kardashian star immediately called her bluff. They began comparing her current appearance with how she looked back in 2007, when the premiere of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” took place, which brought her worldwide fame. They felt it was obvious that she had done a great job, including, among other things, lip fillers, cheek fillers and eyelash extensions, which she also claimed not to have done in the interview. Shortly after, a beauty critic named Jessica Defino tweeted a long thread in which she claimed that she had evidence that Kim was doing facial fillers, and explained why the star’s lies are so harmful to young women.

Now the interviewer has spoken out, re-sharing an Instagram story that accuses Kim of lying. Interviewer Danielle Parchment is currently closed on Instagram, but her recent story was posted on Reddit by user ok1314141414. “The Allure interviewer reposted the story against Kim (as it should be),” the fan wrote. The story she re-shared was posted by Instagram user @charmifox. The self-proclaimed “beauty fanatic” wondered why someone still remains a fan of Kim after the Allure interview. She praised Danielle’s work, saying that it “shows us how out of touch with reality and how right Kim is about her problems, her attitude towards other people and whether she should behave honestly.”

Danielle did not add any comments of her own, but simply re-shared the publication of her story, allowing her to speak for herself. Throughout the interview, Danielle made several snide comments and apparently rolled her eyes several times around the rights and privileges of the Kardashian Kim star. Her opinion of Kim seemed to come out in the interview, and it definitely wasn’t positive. Danielle even forced Kim to tell the truth after she claimed she didn’t have fillers or eyelash extensions, but Kim stuck to her story and didn’t budge. Fans on the Reddit thread were happy to see that the interviewer called Kim out and agreed with what was said in the original post. User Beneficial-Address61 wrote: “Not only deaf, but also condescending.”

If Kim tried to sell more skin care products, giving the impression that this is her routine skin care procedure, and not fillers that give her a flawless complexion, it definitely had unpleasant consequences for her. Kim has been caught in so many lies lately that it’s amazing how she even has fans left. It is important to note that the mother of four children is not entirely to blame here. She is also a victim of society’s dangerous beauty standards, and this is evident from the way she has changed her appearance throughout her career. However, with such a large platform, she needs to take responsibility and be careful about what she does and says when the world, including many young women, is watching her. Unfortunately, the backlash has never forced the Kardashian star to admit to her mistakes in the past, and a carefully thought-out response should soon appear under the supervision of Kris Jenner’s mamager.