Kim Kardashian called for fake reusable SKIN packaging


Kim Kardashian has received more backlash for her skincare line after fans realized that the Kardashian star isn’t actually using reusable packaging, as she claimed. Kim announced her new SKKN skin care brand on June 1 and is preparing for its launch on June 21. The star shared that there will be nine products in the line, including cleansers, serums, tonics and moisturizers. Kim also stressed that her products will be delivered in reusable packaging to remain environmentally friendly. However, like everything the Kar-Jenners do, Kim has met with a lot of criticism. The star was immediately called out for allegedly stealing her trademark from Lori Harvey’s company, SKN.

Along with these accusations, Kim is also at the center of a trademark fight for her brand. In 2021, when Kim first registered the SKKN trademark, she quickly received a termination letter from the CEO of the Brooklyn skincare boutique SKKN+. Sydney Lunsford founded the company in 2018 and believes that her business could be damaged due to the fact that Kim has the same trade name as her. Cindy is a black business owner, and fans have been accusing Kim of stealing from black women for years. Kim has never admitted the charges and has only defended her choice to wear black hairstyles such as pigtails.

SKKN is back in the spotlight as Kim gets more criticism, this time because of her packaging. TikTok environmentalist @acteevism shared a video from Kim SKKN’s Instagram page where the brand claims to use reusable packaging. However, in fact, the brand uses reusable cases for the product. A user in the comments compared it to a decorative napkin box that would be on the outside of a cardboard napkin box. The user captioned the video: “@SKKN BY KIM, I can consult to make your packaging really reusable (or at least revise your statements so that you don’t do greenwashing).”

Fans in the comments section were extremely disappointed with Kim. They believed that more packaging was actually used in the cases than if she hadn’t tried to promote reusable packaging. The Kar-Jenners are no stranger to accusations that they are out of the loop, and the latest SKKN scandal has made fans think they have learned nothing from their past mistakes. “Literally all the money and resources are at their disposal, and that’s what they use them for… it’s so sad that it’s fun,” one fan wrote.

It seems that Kim’s efforts have backfired again. She may want to do more research before making any other environmentally friendly decisions for her brand. Now Kim has more than one problem with SKKN, which is scary enough. But as the launch date is fast approaching, she certainly has a lot to do. Let’s hope that the Kardashian star will be more responsible about creating product packaging in the future and will be honest with her fans about what they actually get from their purchase.