Kim Kardashian: her buttocks used in an American army pub!


Kim Kardashian will lend his famous buttocks to the American army as part of an advertisement! Internet users are already crying out for scandal!

Kim Kardashian made her buttocks a real business! Indeed, the star is about to lend his assets for an advertisement …

Kim Kardashian has been chosen by the US military for a new advertisement! Indeed, the US Army will use its rear to encourage young people to join the army. Thus, Kim’s butt will illustrate a poster whose slogan will be. “Serving in the military brings more self-confidence than getting” likes “on social media. ”

Many people have already reacted to this announcement! If some people take it for fun … Others are outright offended by such an ad! Indeed, opinions diverge but the campaign, meanwhile, will indeed start the least next … And we look forward to it!

Questioned by the Daily Mail, the US military has already responded to the controversy that this future ad generates with Kim Kardashian. This will send a strong message to young people. “The army builds self-confidence, and for a lifetime … Not just for a brief moment after getting” likes “under your photo! And to get this message across, in fact, who better than Kim Kardashian?

Internet users were quick to react to this very curious announcement! Indeed, the twittos are dropped on the canvas. “No, but this is clearly a shame! They are trying to make people believe that Kim Kardashian’s ball is an anti social media message… When they just want to attract the eye with their ad and make people talk! “,” I am very curious to know the amount of the stamp Kim for “serving his country” in this way! »Can we read on the social network.


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