Kim Kardashian: behind the scenes of the preparation for a shoot revealed!


This December 23, Kim Kardashian created a surprise on his Instagram account. Indeed, she revealed the behind the scenes of a recent shoot.

Kim Kardashian created the sensation on her Instagram account. Indeed, the star of the incredible Kardashian Family revealed behind-the-scenes photos from a shoot. And this to the delight of fans. Indeed, they love to discover the back of the decor of the fashion universe.

Christmas may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean that Kim Kardashian is resting. Indeed, the star is on all fronts. And she juggles between family life, couple and managing her business. At this time of year she likes to do it big.

Like for example the superb shoot that she organized with her family. We discovered the Kardashians West posing for all six. The fans could not help but crack in front of this united and loving family.

But out of the question for Kim Kardashian to ask a single moment. The mother of 4 children is hyperactive. And in addition to her role as a mom, a law student, she is an outstanding influencer. And therefore multiplies the shootings.

So Kim Kardashian was shooting for his own brand. And she decided to reveal the behind the scenes of this shoot. We see the star relaxed but focused. A lot of people are busy around her so that the result is perfect. The fans thus discover the different stages that the beautiful must go through for a new campaign.

Kim Kardashian to talk about her legendary look: “I always need to be comfortable when taking pictures. So never pay attention to my bottom clothes. They are generally not visible on an LOL beauty campaign. ” In less than an hour the eldest of the Kardashians got over 500,000 likes!


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