Kim Kardashian Apparently Confirms the End of Her Feud with Makeup artist Joyce Bonelli after 4 Years


Burying the axe. Kim Kardashian seems to have confirmed that she and her family have reconciled with makeup artist Joyce Bonelli four years after their quarrel.

The Skims founder, 41, shared a photo of the PR packaging of the Bonelli skin care line via her Instagram story on Thursday, April 28. Kardashian did not sign the photo and did not add any text, except by tagging the entrepreneur and her company Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques. The skin, but this gesture, apparently, put an end to their long-standing feud.

“I’ve been with the girls for so long, and we’ve been through a lot. It’s been more than ten years,” Bonelli told Pret—a-Reporter in June 2017 about her ups and downs in the famous family. “We knew each other from the very beginning, even before they became famous. After they started their show, people started to really love them and then hate them, and now they love them again, so much has happened. Now each of them is a phenomenon in its own way.”

She continued, “We text every other day and talk about everything. Even if I work with another client, we always talk and communicate via FaceTime. We’re talking about children. We’re talking about funny, scandalous things. They’re like sisters to me.”

“The family doesn’t talk to her anymore. She hasn’t worked for them for months,” an insider said in 2018.

Although all the Kardashian-Jenners unsubscribed from Bonelli on social networks, although a source told us that everything ended peacefully: “They just stopped working with her because they no longer considered it appropriate.”

Bonelli hinted that it was her decision to leave, telling Us exclusively in July 2018, “I’ve definitely never been fired in my entire life. And something personal happened to me that I didn’t agree with, and that’s what happened.”

At the time, the makeup mogul explained that separating from the Kardashian family freed her up to work with more A-List clients than she could before. “I work with Salma Hayek, Joan Smalls, Emily Ratajkowski,” she said. “It happened a year ago, so it’s old news to me, but if people want to talk about it now, it actually gives me that kind of service so people know I’m available, honey.”

The Kardashians, for their part, have never publicly commented on their quarrel with Bonelli.

Before their rumored feud with Bonelli, Khloe Kardashian made headlines when fans noticed that she suddenly stopped working with her longtime stylist Monica Rose. “What would you do if you found out a friend was stealing from you?” the 37-year-old co-founder of Good American tweeted in 2017. “Could you break off the friendship and let God handle it? Or will you follow the legal path?”

Although Chloe never revealed who she was referring to in her post, keen-eyed fans noticed that all of her sisters also unsubscribed from Rose on social media.

“I haven’t worked with her for maybe four years, so my reason has nothing to do with that,” Kim said during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” at the time when asked about the rumored altercation. “I just needed a new mood. Why everyone else [did], you’ll have to ask them. But for me, I wanted a new atmosphere. …I just wanted a change… [but] that’s not the reason [I unsubscribed from her], so you need to ask Chloe, Kendall, Kylie and the girls.”