Kim Kardashian and the Kids Still Support Ye Music Even In the Midst of School Lockdown and Brouhaha Fashion Show


Anyone who is at least a little familiar with pop culture knows that Kim Kardashian has already faced a lot when it comes to her ex-husband Kanye West. The two are still in the process of a rather controversial divorce, and one of the problems preventing the final conclusion of the proceedings is related to their four young children. On top of that, the SKIMS founder had to endure a series of verbal attacks from her ex and cope with the consequences of his numerous controversial comments. But she and her children still support the music of rapper Donda, even in the midst of school quarantine and the hype at the fashion show.

How did Kim Kardashian and her kids support Kanye West’s music?

It would seem that a former GAP employee cannot do without a number of comments for a long time, which shock and offend many people (for example, Lizzo). After he made fun of Pete Davidson again after he and The Kardashians star broke up, he spent the last few days in the midst of controversy after criticizing the Vogue fashion editor (in whose defense celebrities stood up), wearing a White Lives Matter shirt (more than once), threatened Jews and criticized on the Internet, the name of the school where his children study.



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However, his ex-wife, a social media star, seems to be trying to take it all in stride and make sure their children have a connection with their father, as she posted a clip on Instagram of two children singing one of his songs. Let’s take a look!

I guess there is nothing better than when your children discuss the lyrics of one of your songs. I dare say Chicago (4) and Psalm (3) aren’t as cute as they can be (just look at the young Chi-Town rocking that silver jumpsuit!) “True Love”, which was released in May. The song seems to refer to their ongoing divorce with lines like “When I pick them up, I feel like they’re borrowed,” but it seems the mother of four doesn’t mind it.

However, one can only imagine that she doesn’t mind, because her ex-husband tells everyone exactly where their children go to school. According to TMZ, he posted it on Instagram, which led to an increased security risk at a private institution. This forced their mother to pay for extra security at school, as everyone knows where their children are during the day, not to mention that others will also have to deal with additional risk due to unwanted publicity. And it is believed that the rapper made this move because he wants their children to attend his uncredited Donda Academy.

It seems that Kardashian is doing her best to mitigate the potential danger from her ex’s words, and we hope that her efforts to keep their children in touch with their father will work.


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