Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chat at their son’s soccer match


Kanye West has finally hit the news without getting involved in any controversy. Those who have followed him know that he has been causing controversy for a very long time. These disagreements affected his professional and personal life in such a way that he did not talk to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Things seem to have changed between them, as Ye was recently spotted smiling and chatting with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. But what did they do together?

Is Kanye West back to talking to Kim?

Kim Kardashian stopped communicating with Ye after he started making unnecessarily contradictory statements. Moreover, he accused her of deliberately keeping him away from the children and not giving him a voice in their upbringing. However, they were spotted chatting to each other at their second son Saint’s recent soccer match. Kanye and Kim were there to support him at the match.

According to TMZ, they were smiling at each other and were quite chatty. It feels like a new beginning for an ex-couple. They used to attend children’s events, but they didn’t talk to each other. Apparently, the rapper was also present at Saint’s last football match, but was seen during a rather tense quarrel with a close acquaintance of the Kardashian family.

Meanwhile, Kardashian didn’t talk to West while he was arguing in the last match, but this time they were smiling at each other. The rapper was also seen chatting with his eldest daughter North along with Kim while Saint was on the field. Saint currently attends Sierra Canyon High School, which participates in the NFL football season finale. All other leagues meet and compete at Rams and Chargers stadiums in the NFL.

Kanye’s son was dressed in completely ordinary clothes for the match: a white jacket and white pants. It wasn’t like last month, when he got into controversy for wearing “White Lives Matter” to North’s basketball game.

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