Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: at the launch of the SKIMS collection!


Kim Kardashian traveled to New York with Kanye West for his Skims collection. The two stars shared a beautiful moment of bond!

Kim Kardashian launched her new collection from the Skims brand and she is very proud of the result. She was able to count on the presence of Kanye West for the launch of her collection in New York.

In recent years, Kim Kardashian has become an icon in fashion and beauty. The starlet takes care of many brands and shows herself as an outstanding businesswoman. Indeed, she created a brand of perfumes and cosmetics. Then, she decided to turn to fashion by creating an underwear brand. Besides, for a few days now, Kanye West’s wife has been trying the arrival of a new collection.

Kim Kardashian has been promoting his new Skims collection for several days already. North’s mom unveiled new underwear and made it for all sizes. Besides, she made the trip to New York for the launch of her collection. Her husband did not hesitate to go with her and they were more complicit than ever before in front of the cameras.

Kim Kardashian has successfully placed her new collection in the Nordstrom store in New York. So, she was very happy to be able to see Skims in a store and she wanted to discover her collection for herself. Wednesday, February 5, the star passed the doors of the store with Kanye West and they were very accomplices. In addition, they exchanged a kiss in front of the cameras and the star seemed very happy. This kiss seems to show that there is no tension between the two celebrities and everything is fine in their relationship.

In any case, Kim Kardashian seems to have a big success with Skims. When his collection was launched, there were a lot of people waiting outside the Nordstrom in New York. Nevertheless, the starlet welcomed the customers very well and they were treated like royalty. And for good reason, there were snacks and customers could even see a fashion show. Finally, there were also many saleswomen to advise people.


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