Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour show off identical hairstyles in a funny selfie: “Bobbsey Twins”



Kim Kardashian has a new look, and it’s safe to say that it’s approved by Vogue! The reality TV star debuted her bob hairstyle via Instagram with none other than Anna Wintour.

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In selfies posted on Tuesday, June 21, the 41-year-old founder of Skims and the 72-year—old editor-in-chief showed signs of pacifism and pouted, showing the same hairstyles – an image that Wintour admired for decades. “BOBBSEY TWINS,” Kardashian signed the post, referring to her favorite children’s novels. The Kardashian look featured blunt ends, while Wintour’s signature hairstyle includes bangs and a slight bump.

Along with the demonstration of her new haircut, Kardashian was able to refute the statement of a British journalist. As some fans will recall, Wintour famously said she has never taken a selfie and “has no plans to start” in the 2014 issue of Vogue 73 Questions. However, it seems that the artistic director made an exception for the beauty mogul.

The two have been linked since Kardashian appeared on her first Vogue cover with then-husband Kanye West in 2014. The selfish author later wrote her first solo Vogue cover in 2019, and then again for the March 2022 issue of the publication. Wintour even appeared on an episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians to check out the Skim founder’s shoot.

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Kardashian’s meeting with Wintour took place after she broke her silence, saying that she damaged Marilyn Monroe’s historic Bob Mackie dress after wearing it at the Met Gala on May 2.

In an interview with Today that aired Tuesday, Kardashian told hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, “I respect [Marilyn]. I understand how much this dress means to American history, and considering that the theme of the Met is American, I thought what could be more American than Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to the President of the United States.”

She continued: “It was such a process. I went out on the red carpet in a bathrobe and slippers and put on a dress at the bottom of the carpet, went up the stairs… I had it on for probably three or four minutes, and then I changed at the top of the carpet. stairs.”

When Kotb, 57, asked Kardashian to respond to accusations that the dress was “ruined,” the Skims founder shook her head and said, “No… Ripley [and I] worked so well together. There were handlers and gloves that put me on.”

The founder of SKKN by Kim found herself in a quandary after collector Scott Fornter claimed that the dress in which the late icon serenaded then-President John F. Kennedy in 1962 was badly damaged after Kardashian lent it to the biggest fashion night. In the photos, which, according to Fortner, were taken on June 12, the dress had holes on the sleeves, gaps on the zipper and the absence of several crystals. The fashion historian also shared photos of the dress taken before Kardashian’s appearance at the Met Gala, which showed that there were no flaws on the dress.

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In a statement released on June 16, Ripley addressed the controversy, saying: “Kim Kardashian in a Happy Birthday dress caused heated controversy, but the fact remains that she did not damage the clothes in any way in a short amount. time it was worn at the Met Gala.”

Ripley’s vice president of publishing and licensing, Amanda Joyner, added in a memo: “From the bottom of the Subway steps, where Kim put on the dress, to the top point where it was returned, the dress was in the same condition in which it was sent. ». The archive center further claimed that Joyner was with the dress throughout the Met Gala day and stayed with the clothes when it was flown from Orlando to New York for the big event.