Kim Kardashian allowed Pete with children to be “difficult” for Kanye


Pete Davidson spends time with Kim Kardashian’s children, and Kanye West “finds it difficult” to support the decision of The Kardashians star. Kanye has openly stated that he doesn’t want Pete to be around his children. He spent weeks torturing the comedian online to keep Pete away from the kids from the West. But since he stopped attacking Kim and Pete on social media, Kim has become more comfortable letting Pete interact with her four children.

Kanye has made it very clear that he doesn’t want anyone or anything to come between him and his four children separated from Kim. When Kim filed for divorce and became officially unmarried, she regained complete freedom and independence in making decisions of her choice. When Kim went public with Pete, Kanye did everything possible to get her back, and also shared his hopes for a reunion of his family. When Kim doubled down on becoming officially single, Kanye went berserk on Instagram and accused the SKIMS founder of trying to keep him away from his children. He also warned that the “Skit” should not be near his children, otherwise. But after Kanye finished his social media tirade against Kim and Pete, the couple went against the will of the Yeezy founder and allowed the comedian to spend time with the children of the West.

Pete was recently spotted holding hands with St. West during what appeared to be a small meeting between the pair. Kanye is reportedly very “heartbroken” to see Pete spending intimate time with his children. “The fact that Pete and the kids got close so quickly is very disturbing to Kanye,” a source told HollywoodLife. Kanye found it “difficult” to see paparazzi pictures of his kids hanging out with Pete. they were different,” the insider added. Although Kanye is aware of the “unbreakable” bond he has with his children, he still doesn’t like to see them getting closer to Pete so quickly. “[This is not what] Kanye was ready for. or even think about when he and Kim broke up,” the source explained.After Kanye tried to reconcile with Kim and restore their marriage, his efforts did not work.

Now, seeing Pete hanging out with his kids and holding hands with Saint, Kanye has to face the harsh reality that “he can’t fix it and get his family back together,” the insider said. It is reported that behind the scenes Kanye is still trying to do everything possible to postpone the divorce and somehow settle the relationship with Kim. Kanye is “hurt” to see his family slipping away from him with someone Kim has only been dating for a few months. Pete and Saint were photographed enjoying a day of fun, which included a visit to The Grove and a stop at a Walmart in Woodland Hills to look at toys. That’s what Kanye probably thinks he should be doing with his son, not his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Kim and Pete are still strong, despite Kanye’s attempts to separate them. The Kardashian star started talking about how happy she is with Pete and how Kourtney Kardashian helped her find love again after the divorce. Courtney is happily in love with Travis Barker after losing with Scott Disick and Younes Bendjima. Kim has gone through three divorces and still believes in love, even if she comes to someone 13 years younger than her. Kanye did a good job keeping quiet about Pete spending time with his kids and tattooing their initials on his neck. But who knows how long it will last.