Kim Kardashian alaba a la “youtuber” JoJo Siwa


The television star Kim Kardashian has wanted to act as a proud godmother, within the list of the hundred most influential figures of the year for Time magazine, of the increasingly popular youtuber JoJo Siwa, who has become a reference for the children and adolescents from all over the planet thanks to digital content focused on promoting values ​​such as kindness, solidarity and self-esteem.

In the flattering profile of the 17-year-old communicator that Kanye West’s wife wrote in the aforementioned publication, one of the expressions she used to describe JoJo stands out: a “ray of light” that, in her opinion, it is more important than ever in an increasingly “terrifying” world, mired in a pandemic and in a frankly convulsed political-social climate.

The friendship between Kim and JoJo dates back to more than a year ago and, in fact, was corroborated with that media video in which the latter was erected for a few hours as the “babysitter” of little North, the first-born of the celebrity and the rapper. That scene explains, among other things, that the most famous of the Kardashian clan has also praised JoJo for being a “great role model” for children.

“Your optimism is needed more than ever right now, as JoJo is a great role model for the little ones. It is not surprising that my seven-year-old daughter loves her, as well as millions of other children around the world ”, he asserted.

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