Kim Jong Un’s death claimed after heart surgery


Various Asian media claim that the North Korean leader died after health complications.

For the past few days, rumors have been circulating about the critical state of health of Kim Jong Un, the ruler of North Korea. He is known for his military strategies and the toughness with which he leads his country.

The world is alert to the news of his death , we tell you what is happening.


According to information from TMZ , the North Korean leader may have died after his health complications after undergoing heart surgery . Japan and China have reported their possible demise. The source of the rumors would be a representative of a Hong Kong newscast, who revealed the news via Weibo, one of the largest Chinese platforms.

The informant assured that her source was reliable and that the so-called “Supreme Leader” had died. Kim Jong UnHe needed medical intervention, but apparently the procedure went wrong and he would have suffered a coma, falling into a vegetative state as reported by Japanese media. There is nothing confirmed yet, North Korea has not stated anything about it either.

If his death was confirmed , power would pass to his sister Kim Yo-jong , who would be making history as the first woman to rule North Korea, all her ancestors were men.

Currently, she is an official of the Workers’ Party, she occupies the post of deputy director of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation, many sources assure that she also performed the role of Chancellor in international events.


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