Kim Ji Won falls in love with Ji Chang Wook


The production team of the short-lived drama series City Couple’s Way of Love released new stills of one of its leads, Kim Ji Won as Lee Eun Oh, an independent marketer who spontaneously decides to adopt Yoon Seon Ah’s false identity in a strange place to have fun.

From the same producer and director of the K-Drama It’s Okay Not Okay, Park Shin Woo, written by Jeong Hyun Jeong, and co-written by Jeong Da Yeon, City Couple’s Way of Love will tell the story called “My Lovable Camera Thief,” starring by Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won.

While Lee Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) pretends to be Yoon Seon Ah, she appears as a woman of a more liberal, wild and crazy spirit, very different from her usual personality, it is at that moment that she accidentally falls in love with Park Chae Won (Ji Chang Wook).

Park Jae Won is an architect with a passionate and honest personality. Enjoy walking the streets of the city and collect different things. He does not forget the woman who stole his heart and disappeared.

In the images published by the producers City Couple’s Way of Love, Kim Ji Won is seen happy taking advantage of enjoying his freedom to the fullest, while playing volleyball on the sandy beach, also in another photo he looks happy using a camera.

The producers of City Couple’s Way of Love commented, “Kim Ji Won is completely immersed in her character, bringing the details of Lee Eun Oh’s unique charms to life with her acting. To find out why she falls in love using a different name.” .


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