Kim Jae-hyun From N.Flying Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19


Kim Jae Hyun from N.Flying will temporarily not participate in the group’s activities after testing positive for COVID-19.

On November 2, FNC Entertainment announced that after the appearance of “mild flu symptoms”, Kim Jae-hyun was diagnosed with COVID-19. As a result, N.Flying will hold scheduled events with only the remaining four band members.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

Since Kim Jae-hyun from N.Flying was showing mild flu symptoms, as a precaution, he underwent PCR testing for COVID-19, and his results were positive. Kim Jae-hyun currently has no symptoms other than a mild cold, and he plans to remain in self-isolation until November 7.

We inform you that Kim Jae-hyun and the other four members of [N.Flying] did not have a separate contact, and we also inform you about the following changes in their schedule.

Video call on November 4/5/6 and personal meetings with fans (Kim Jae-hyun will be absent, the schedule of the other 4 participants will not change)
Video call for fans on November 7 (Kim Jae-hyun will be absent, the schedule of the other 4 participants will not change)

**For those who have been selected for individual video calls with Kim Jae Hyun, we will make an announcement later on holding [these calls] separately.

We ask for your full understanding regarding the fact that inevitably only four participants will participate in the planned events [N.Flying]. We apologize for having to announce this sudden news about [Kim Jae Hyun’s] diagnosis, and we will always try to exercise caution for the sake of the health and safety of our artists.

We wish Kim Jae Hyun a speedy recovery!


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