Kim Hye-Soo Is Shaken To Tears After Secretly Following Yoo Sung-ho In The Queen’s Umbrella


The Queen’s Umbrella” from tvN shared new footage, a preview of the upcoming episode!

The Queen’s Umbrella” tells about the special palace education system of the Joseon dynasty. The drama follows a conflict in the palace over an attempt to make real princes out of five annoying princes who cause the royal family nothing but headaches. Kim Hye-soo plays Queen Im Hwa-ryung, the wife of a great king and the long-suffering mother of five troubled sons.


The first episode of “The Queen’s Umbrella” depicted the dynamic life of Queen Im Hwa Ryung, who takes care of her annoying sons. Tensions suddenly escalated when Queen Im Hwa Ryung found out about the unexpected illness of the Crown Prince (Pae In Hyuk). The Queen had to simultaneously cope with the pain due to her son’s illness and fear that the position of the head of state would be under threat.

Among all the problems, Queen Im Hwa Ryung will face another problem because of Prince Kyo Son (Yoo Song Ho). Among the other princes, Prince Gyeong is relatively well behaved, so Queen Im Hwa Ryung could rely on him. Since Prince Kyo Son is also doing well in his studies, Queen Im Hwa Ryung believed that he would not face problems at the Jonghak (educational institute for the children of the royal family). However, the upcoming incident would be so shocking that her trust in him would collapse.

Recently released preview footage of Queen Im Hwa Ryung in shock over Prince Kyo Son. The prince secretly goes to a secluded place, and the queen follows him and enters the shabby pavilion. Nervous excitement follows Prince Kyo Son, who looks more at ease, while Queen Im Hwa Ryung is shrouded in worry and worry.

Queen Im Hwa Ryung notices something after cautiously peeking inside the pavilion, and another photo captures her rigid expression as she squeezes her chest and starts crying, prompting questions about what she might have seen.


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