Kim Cattrall is now a US citizen


Kim Cattrall has become a US citizen. The “Sex and the City” star took citizenship in order to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

The actress Kim Cattrall (64) has become a US citizen. The “Sex and the City” star chatted about it on the morning show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. The reason why the 64-year-old has only now taken this step is obvious to her: “So that I can take part in this election.” She wants to participate in America’s democratic process and therefore also vote in the upcoming presidential election in November.

Cattrall was born in Liverpool, England, but moved to Canada with her parents at the age of three. She has both British and Canadian citizenship. She started her career in New York City in the mid-1970s and has lived in the Big Apple ever since. She currently spends a lot of time with her partner Russell Thomas in Vancouver, where her mother lives in a retirement home. “Russ and I wanted to be around in case something happened,” she said, referring to the corona pandemic.

With the oath she got emotional

She made a brief exception for the naturalization test in mid-August and traveled to New York. Even then, she posted a snapshot in front of the immigration authorities, after passing her exam on Instagram. Incidentally, according to Cattrall, it was quite tough: “It was not an easy test, you have to learn.” You get ten questions, you passed six correct ones.

Then she had to take an oath: “It was very emotional.” You didn’t expect this reaction at all. Even the officer who looked after her would have asked her: “Some people don’t take this seriously, but I was moved by how emotional it was for you.”


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