Kim Bum Explains The Nine-Tails Story Changed His Life


Kim Bum conquered audiences with his character in Tale Of The Nine Tailed, but this drama also marked a key moment in his career and life.

Among the K-Dramas currently on air, Tale Of The Nine Tailed has maintained great popularity among Korean and foreign fans. The cast of the series perfectly met expectations for this fantasy story and Kim Bum revealed why this drama is so important to him.

The South Korean actor caught up with ELLE magazine for an elegant photo shoot and a very special interview, where he talked about his character in the drama and how this role changed his life.


Kim Bum plays Lee Rang in Tale Of The Nine Tailed, a villain who stole hearts around the world despite his wrongdoings. Kim Bum revealed that his intentions were to bring to life a villain with a certain charm who was impossible to hate, but this character became really meaningful to him.

The actor noted that he likes to play villains because they allow him to express himself more freely by not having a romantic bond in the series, but also, Lee Rang helped him regain his enthusiasm on set.

There was a time when I thought my career was not the right one for me and I was in a quandary, but after joining Tale Of The Nine Tailed I felt incredible joy and interest in my work.

Fans are more than happy to see Kim Bum on screen and to notice the actor’s passion through his performance.

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