Killsquad Analysis: A New National Success In The Form Of Twin-Stick Action And ARPG


Killsquad: We never expected the future of Invizimals to be this. Novarama publishes a surprising and careful ARPG at all levels. The Catalan developer of Novarama debuted with Invizimals, that augmented reality project that was years ahead of Pokemon Go in its ambitions to let you enjoy virtual monsters in your own living room. Twelve years later and after other projects, Novarama returns with a game that has little or nothing to do with that success. While Invizimals was focused on the youngest of the family, his latest installment, Killsquad, comes to dazzle the most veteran audience.

With a pleasant playable “twin-stick” shooter proposal and aspirations to compete with Diablo and his relatives in offering good loot, it aims to offer something that is not only delicious to play at the moment but is also capable of capturing their players in the long run. We tell you which of these two goals they have managed to achieve and the reasons why Killsquad has become one of our most pleasant surprises of the year.

Between two genders

It took us little time since the first Killsquad mission began to realize one thing: this plays well. From the movement and attack animations to the effects of our abilities, it is eminently clear that tremendous effort has been put into making this game of good feeling at the controls. We wouldn’t say it’s on the level of something as flawlessly perfect in the twin-stick genre as Nex Machina, but it would be a very small notch below.

Most of the gameplay involves luring the various groups of enemies towards us before destroying them with our arsenal, while dodging their infinite attacks. We do this with one of five different characters, two melee and three ranged. Each of the characters is adequately differentiated with different weapons, animations, skill trees, etc. and they have three main abilities and an ultimate that takes longer to recharge. Some of them seem more team-oriented but all have a good mix of offense and defense in their kit that allows them to function in all situations.

With one of these characters we will complete different missions, always according to the power of our inventory and most of them with different final objectives. It is true that throughout the game there is a certain repetition in the structure of the missions, where only the last part changes, but given the genre we appreciate this simplicity that prevents us from getting lost. Sections of the map allow some exploration, but it never goes further than a simple tunnel with some little treasure at the end. Upon completing each mission we will receive an appropriate reward.


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