Killing Eve Season 4: The Drama Stars Returning As Special Guests


After two years of waiting for the fourth and final season of Killing Eve, the BBC One television network has finally premiered the first episode of the show. In which we continue to see the complicated relationship of the psycho Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) and former MI5 security agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). However, the premiere episode had curious guest stars and these are some of them. Spoiler alert for the premiere!

Actress Camille Cottin as Hélène

Recall that during the third season Hélène (Camille Cottin) was the main villain of the third season of Killing Eve as a high-ranking agent of the organization of assassins The Twelve. After ordering Dasha Duzran (Harriet Walter) to do her best to get Villanelle back to work for them, causing Eve’s husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) to be attacked. But, now she has brought it back to the show for another epic story.

Robert Gilbert as Yusuf

The actor behind Yusuf is Robert Gilbert, where Eve starts working at a private security company and meets her new colleague Yusuf. But as she spends more time with him, the two embark on a casual relationship, so his return to the drama as a special guest could have another dark story behind it.

Marie-Sophie Ferdane as Gunn

The popular actress Marie-Sophie Ferdane is a well-known French actress who won an award for her outstanding work in the movie “Les hueres” in 2015. But her participation in Killing Eve as the assassin Gunn has shown a great performance, adding more action. to the drama in its final season.

Anjana Vasan as Pam

Actress Anjana Vasan rose to fame through her work on stage, most notably her performance in the 2019 show A Doll’s House. But now in Killing Eve, she plays Pam, a young assassin-in-training who is considered an outsider, because she used to work at the family funeral home where she used to be bullied by her brother.

It is expected that in the next episodes of Killing Eve season 4, more guest stars will be revealed who will have an important role for the final installment. In fact, the same original president of the AMC Network, Dan McDermott, thanked all the cast members who participated in the final season of the show, especially Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, in which he had this to say: