Kiernan Shipka will be a couple in Blood Ties


A film full of drama and mystery will show us Cole Sprouse and Kiernan Shipka in love. Television shows lead us to meet big stars, but when these celebrities come together for new projects we cannot hide our excitement. For this reason, the new film by Cole Sprouse and Kiernan Shipka has created great expectations since its announcement, we will tell you what kind of story they will star in next.

The fans of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale had waited for a long time to see how both series would join their way in some special episodes, although that will no longer be possible, a great surprise will come for the followers of these stories and their respective casts.

Cole Sprouse and Kiernan Shipka will act together in a new film, where they will also have very interesting roles that will show a new facet of their talent.

The film will be called Blood Ties and it will be a crime and mystery story that takes us to know what is behind a suspicious murder.

The film tells the story of a detective who investigates a double murder case, but this will not be an easy mystery to solve, as the evidence will point to the daughter of the couple who has just died and her boyfriend as suspects. QUE?

They escape the country to avoid being caught, leaving behind an unsolved mystery, but the detective in charge of the case will follow their trail until they find the truth.

While we wait for more details on this new production, we recommend watching #ALIVE, a zombie movie that has just premiered on Netflix and you will love it.


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