Kids Space, the new Android interface for children


It is a fact that more and more children have access to a mobile device. A few years ago computers were the order of the day, but it is a fact that tablets have gained a lot of ground.

Easy to handle and transport with a power oriented to productivity in many cases. However, the little ones see them more as a toy in which to watch adapted series even if the machine belongs to mom or dad. With this concept, Kids Space is born, the new interface for children on Android tablets.

The new space for children on your Android tablet

Many parents let their children use their mobile phone in order to entertain themselves. Other minors have their own device, something that habituates them to the world of new technologies as early users. But these devices are not adapted for infants, who seek entertainment and play, or for parents, who are concerned about the diverse content that their children have access to.

Thanks to the parental applications you can put filters on the devices that block functions, web pages and even regulate the time of use of the device. But the interface is the same and from Google they think that things can be much simpler for parents and their offspring. The solution has a name: Kids Space, the new Android interface for children.

The big G has adapted the use of tablets to the little ones, focusing its use on their routines. Simplicity abounds with the arrival of a menu that is based on the use of five buttons arranged at the bottom. The first is a starting point for the user while in order it extends other functions such as the games area, the video space, the books (of which there are 400 free) and other applications.

All of these features are certified by Google’s ‘teacher approved’ program. This was launched in April in order to find content for the youngest, an audience of up to 9 years, in which education professionals recommend and value applications that motivate children in their learning.


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