Kickstarter Closed 2021 With Records In Funded Games: A New Golden Age


Kickstarter: The popular crowdfunding portal is experiencing a sweet moment when it comes to financing video games. We analyze the shared data. The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter ended last year 2021 with a total of 441 successfully funded video game projects. A report published by the ICO Partners agency explains the statistics of an unforgettable course for the portal, thus signing an absolute record in terms of the number of financed titles.

Kickstarter in 2021: 24 million dollars raised from a total of 441 projects

The video game category has traditionally been one of Kickstarter’s flagships; although the ups and downs have been a constant this last decade. It is an objective to point out the good moment of crowdfunding on this page, however, given that 2021 has broken its previous best record. To date, the two best data are found in 2020 with 429 funded video game projects; and 2014, with 413 proposals.

In total, the volume of income raised through the video game category in 2021 on Kickstarter amounts to 24 million dollars; a slight drop compared to the 26 million dollars computed in 2020. In other words: more projects have been financed, but with a significantly lower average of dollars raised. 2013 remains the year with the highest gross turnover in terms of income (and average income) with 56 million dollars spread over “only” 395 projects.