Kia’s Redesigned Logo Reveals a Bold Design


Kia has been on the market for a long time with the logo designed on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary in 1994. In the past weeks, a new logo appeared on which Kia was working on. Now, the new logo of Kia has been approved firsthand and we will start to see the logo in Kia vehicles in the coming period.

Kia had been using the same logo since 1994. The logo, which has been used for nearly 26 years, has continued to be used to this day with a small change in 2004. However, it turned out that the company has been working on a new logo in recent weeks.

The new logo of Kia appeared for the first time during a patent application in November. In the patent applications of the logo, the new logo was also placed on a concept vehicle design. After the logo appeared, Kia Motors President Park Han-wood said, “The new logo will be similar to the concept car. But it will look a little different, ”he officially accepted the new logo.

A news now showing shows that the new logo will be used in Kia’s vehicles from October. According to the news released by Korean Motorgraph, Kia will not wait 2021 years to use the new logo.

The new logo of Kia looks very different from the old logo used for a long time. In the new logo applied to the Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, it is seen that every letter of the word Kia is interconnected.

Kia has not yet announced on which vehicle the logo will be used first. However, the rumors suggest that the logo will be used in electric and hybrid vehicles to distinguish electric vehicles from internal combustion engine vehicles.

Kia recently announced Stinger and the redesigned Optima, which attracted attention with its design. It is claimed that the logo was modernized due to the designs of these vehicles. Kia may have wanted to crown the sporty designs of the vehicles with a more modern logo.

There are also some rumors about Kia’s concept design tool where the new logo appears. The concept vehicle is claimed to be an electric vehicle to be released in 2021. It is claimed that Kia’s new electric vehicle will have an 800 volt battery that will provide a 500 km range.