Kia reveals first details about new electric car EV6


Kia shared the first details about the EV6, which will only offer with the electric motor option. The company, which seems to wait a little longer to fully reveal the car, managed to create excitement with the information it provided.

The EV6 is the first car to be built on Kia’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). In the design language of the automobile, it is seen that there are touches suitable for the new future in the “fully electric”.

The car will be the forerunner of a new naming structure. The name of all of Kia’s electric cars will begin with the “EV” label. This label will complete the number showing the car’s number of members in the series.

Karim Habib, the head of Kia’s global design center, said the following about the EV6: “The EV6 is like the embodiment of both our ‘inspiring movement’ motto and our new design philosophy. It was created with the aim of providing an instinctive and natural experience that will enhance the daily life of our customers and inspire every journey. Car ownership is simple, intuitive and integrated, among the points we attach importance to. ”

It takes a while to learn all the details about the Kia EV6. The company is expected to reveal the EV6 in all its lines before the end of March.


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