Khole Kardashian and Tristan Thompson flirt on Instagram


Khole Kardashian and Tristan Thompson flirt on Instagram. The flirting of these two is very obvious … do you think they will return?

The biggest sister of the clan, Khole Kardashian in recent years has become one of the most iconic ‘fitness girls’ is social networks, until a reallity show had, where fans who were overweight could ask for their help to improve your figure

But KoKo also enjoys makeup, but the mother of ‘Dream’ has been involved in one of the biggest dramas when it became known that her then partner was unfaithful to her with the BFF of Kylie, her older sister. ‘

The one involved, Tristan Thompson ended up in a tornado of dimes and diretes, with him he took his daughter’s mother, Jordyn Woods, and Kylie, but apparently that is already in the past for Khole, because she has decided to have a good relationship with Tristan , for the sake of his daughter.

Thompson a few days ago uploaded a photo on Twitter where he is on the exercise bike, with blue shorts and the description reads ‘Do you know what girl ?, I understand now’ labeling Khole .

Khloe Kardashian reacted to the photo of the athlete, because in the comments section she placed, five emojis laughing.

But Tristan was the first to comment on one of Khole’s posts on her Instagram account , where she is taking a picture in front of the mirror, it is clear that she has been exercising more, the athlete commented ‘no days off’

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