Khloé Kardashian very proud to sell very soft pants!


Young starlet Khloé Kardashian is promoting new knit pants! We’ll give you more details. Khloé Kardashian is selling knit pants and promoting them on Instagram!

To promote her new products, the youngster has found the ultimate weapon: Instagram! Indeed, Khloé Kardashian took to social media to promote her new pants.

She has indeed posted a Story on her Instagram account to present her new products. These are knit pants, by the way.

On her Storie, the young woman promises a sexy and comfortable look with her new pants. Moreover, Khloé Kardashian specifies that the products will not be available until tomorrow.

She also invites her fans to sign up for a waiting list to hope to get her new products. She also adds a link to her brand’s website to discover her other products.


Good American, so that’s the name Khloé Kardashian chose for her clothing brand. Launched in 2016, the starlet brand generated $ 1 million on the first day of launch! Just that.

At the time, Khloé Kardashian only offered jeans. 3 styles, available from size 00 to 24. She launched her brand of jeans in partnership with Emma Grede.

While the trend was for stiff jeans and rather flared cuts, the two young women offer just the opposite. Their slim high waist “Good Waist” is also very popular and is therefore often out of stock!

Since then, the young woman has expanded her range of products. Now she offers a complete collection to her fans.

Jeans do you want some here, of all models and styles. But also a whole collection of ready-to-wear. We thus find tops, jumpsuits and even swimsuits. But also a whole collection of sports outfits.

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