Khloé Kardashian tackled for forgiving Tristan Thompson and not Jordyn Woods


When Khloé Kardashian gets tackled for forgiving Tristan Thompson and not Jordyn Woods, she does not hesitate to respond cash to the critics!

Unexpectedly, Khloé Kardashian is closer than ever to Tristan Thompson and has even decided to stay confined with him during the coronavirus epidemic. Indeed, the two parents of little True are currently together to face this complicated period. If they have apparently not (yet?) Rewired, many Internet users do not validate this good agreement. On Twitter , the reality TV star was also tackled by a surfer who launched: “If they all forgave Tristan for cheating on Khloé, they must also forgive Jordyn since he kissed her without her consent! I adore all the women in this family but I cannot accept hypocrisy. “A message that has not gone unanswered.

In the comments, Khloé Kardashian split a tweet to set the record straight. “We have forgiven both parties. And the notion of non-consent is a rumor. The whole story is based on reported words but I let you imagine what you want. If you are a real fan, you have already followed my Instagram stories in which I have said repeatedly that I have forgiven both parties and that I want them to be at peace . It is for everyone’s mental well-being ” she said. thus explained. That is clear. Will we soon see Jordyn Woods hanging out with the most publicized clan in Los Angeles? Case to follow. In the meantime, hereall the WTF moments to remember from the first episode of season 18 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


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