Khloe Kardashian shares a cryptic Quote about Love after Tristan Thompson’s Drama: “You can’t stop loving someone”


Is there anything else there? Khloe Kardashian has posted a cryptic quote about love, apparently talking about how she feels about her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

“You will never stop loving. Once you love someone sincerely, sincerely, you will never be able to stop loving him,” the 37-year—old Kardashian shared in her Instagram story on Monday, May 23. “You will only find someone who will love you more. At this time, your old love won’t feel so strong, but this heart, it will never let you forget what ever made you happy.”

The Kardashian star and the 31-year-old NBA player started dating in 2016. In April 2018, when Kardashian was nine months pregnant with their daughter Tru, Thompson was caught cheating on the founder of Good American.

The couple tried to weather the storm after the Thompson cheating scandal and the birth of Tru, who is now 4 years old. However, in February 2019, Us confirmed that the couple broke up after the basketball star cheated on Kardashian again — this time with the then Kylie Jenner. best friend, Jordyn Woods.

After more than a year of living together, the couple resumed a romantic relationship in 2020 and even started talking about a second child. In June 2021, Us confirmed that they had announced their separation again — just two months before fitness coach Marali Nichols gave birth to a boy, stating that Thompson was the father. The Chicago Bulls player confirmed the rumors on Instagram in January.

“Chloe, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I’ve caused you. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you all these years. My actions definitely didn’t match the way I look at you. I have great respect and love for you. No matter what you may think. Again, I’m incredibly sorry,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, May 24, in the podcast “Not Thin, but not Fat”, a graduate of the Kardashian Family was asked if her ex-boyfriend had warned her before the news about his paternity scandal leaked.

“I found out every time through my sister. I’ll find out about it with the rest of the world, which is the most offensive part,” she said. “It’s all fucked up, but can I have a little respect?”

However, Kardashian also stated that although Thompson is a “bad partner” for her, he is a “good person.”

“It’s sad because there are so many good sides to him too, but no one sees them because they are all overshadowed by the personal things that happen between him and me,” she said.

Earlier this month, Kardashians executive producer Danielle King spoke exclusively to Us about how to capture the moment when Kardashian found out that Thompson had fathered a child with another woman.

“Well, at that particular moment my team was there. We were there to shoot something else early in the morning, and the morning the news broke, we just happened to be there. We have this moment on camera,” King explained. “And I know that sometimes it’s hard for viewers to understand something like, “Oh, did they come back and film this?” But there were so many moments that we really captured just because we’re almost always there. The camera almost always works.”