Khloe Kardashian shared a video with TikTok about being held hostage by the past


The star of the Kardashian family, Khloe Kardashian, turned to social networks to make a repost in TikTok that she became a hostage of the past and faced the future amid the drama with her ex Tristan Thompson. Chloe and Tristan have been together since they were first spotted in 2016, and during the time they were a couple, they generated a lot of rumors, speculation and drama from fans and viewers. Chloe and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player have a daughter together named Tru, whom they welcomed in April 2018. Just two days before her birth, Tristan got into a cheating scandal when a video appeared of him kissing several women at a party. Viewers tuned in to see the unfolding drama on the Kardashian family’s reality show.

Chloe surprised fans by allowing Tristan to enter the maternity ward when Tru was born, despite accusations of fraud appearing so close to birth. Even Khloe’s older sisters, Kim and Kourtney, were shocked by her decision. While together in the delivery room, Kim stuck her tongue out behind Tristan’s back, and Kourtney made a snide remark about daughters who hope to change their fathers for the better. Chloe was determined to promote co-parenting with Tristan for Tru’s sake, despite the anger it caused fans who felt she forgave Tristan too quickly. The couple was able to get back on the right track only to survive another cheating scandal when Tristan was spotted kissing best friend Kylie Jenner and close friend of the Kardashian family Jordyn Woods.

However Chloe and Tristan gave their love another chance and were able to reconcile. However, during an episode of The Kardashians, it was revealed that Tristan had cheated again, and his indiscretion led to the birth of a boy in December 2021. Recently there was news that they are expecting a baby from a surrogate mother, despite the simultaneous news that Tristan changed again, which led to another pregnancy. This news caused an outburst of criticism and pity for Chloe, which many fans consider too condescending. According to Page Six, in response, Chloe took to social media to share TikTok on how to let go of the past and embrace the future.

Tristan’s behavior painted a clear picture of his inability to commit, and fans questioned Chloe’s choice to stay with him and even raise their family together. In a video posted by Chloe from TikToker Graham, it was reported that “some people only know what they knew about you. They have no idea what’s really new about you.” Further, the creator said that some people will try to “hold you hostage to your past,” but it is extremely important to look to the future and move on. Reposting the video is, apparently, Chloe’s way of saying that she is leaving the past and all her drama with Tristan in the past.

While the Kardashian star is preparing for the reportedly imminent birth of a baby with Tristan, he was spotted holding hands with a mysterious woman in Greece. Fans are wondering how Chloe and Tristan could name the baby, as it has been confirmed that it is a boy. Whatever happens behind the scenes in the famous family, fans are keeping their fingers crossed to see it in the next season of The Kardashians.


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