Khloe Kardashian says Kendall Jenner is “not thrilled” with jokes about cutting a cucumber after Viral video


Cut to the core? Khloe Kardashian is weighing herself after a video of her sister Kendall Jenner awkwardly cutting a cucumber caused a stir among some fans.

The 37-year—old co—founder of Good American spoke about her family’s life in the spotlight – and on social media – during a candid interview on Tuesday, May 24, in the issue of the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat”. When asked about her “snack,” Kardashian admitted that she is a “grazing animal” who likes to munch on healthy fruits or crackers throughout the day. Later, the conversation turned to 26-year-old Jenner, who recently went viral thanks to her unconventional knife-wielding technique.

“She’s kind of unhappy with [the video],” said the author of Strong Looks Better Naked. “I feel like this — I think:”Kendall, God is just.””

Kardashian tried to downplay the negative reaction to the supermodel’s strange habit, teasing: “You are the most beautiful person in the world. You’ve got wild toes, God bless you. And you can’t slice a damn cucumber. The world is good because… how can you be so damn perfect? She has a perfect life.”

A native of California made fun of her “gazelle” sister, who has “all these amazing” opportunities in life, despite the fact that she does not know how to cut vegetables. “Can’t you slice a damn cucumber? Please come and stay with me for one week,” Kardashian continued. “She will really cry the river. Oh my God. But I will teach her.”

Playful teasing aside, former E! personality flooded over her “perfect” younger brother. “I love her,” Kardashian concluded.

Jenner caught the attention of viewers on Thursday, May 12, on the episode of Hulu The Kardashians, when she hung out at Mom Kris Jenner’s new house. During the grand tour, Kendall decides that she wants to have a snack and goes to cut herself a cucumber, grabbing the biggest knife she could find. She holds the dishes precariously by the front of the cucumber, and with her other hand clumsily holds on to the back end. Chris, 66, watches with concern and offers to hire a chef, but Kendall refuses.

“Kendall Jenner’s attempt to cut a damn cucumber is the most tragic thing I’ve ever seen,” one Twitter user wrote along with a screenshot of the scene, to which Kendall replied: “Tragic!”

The clip became a popular topic on TikTok, and one social network user wondered: “Are you telling me rich people don’t chop their vegetables?” Another teased, “It gives Schitt’s Creek,” while more fans debated whether Kendall’s fight in the kitchen was a joke or real.

Even her own sisters took part in the fun. While attending Kourtney Kardashian’s third wedding to Travis Barker in Portofino, Italy, over the weekend, Kylie Jenner referred to Kendall’s viral moment in her own TikTok. “Me and the cucumber girl,” the 24-year—old founder of Kylie Cosmetics signed a video about her dance with Kendall on Sunday, May 22.