Khloe Kardashian & Revealed the Sex of Tristan Thompson’s Baby

Kardashian fans found out this week that Khloe Kardashian has not only the second child from Tristan Thompson, but also the sex of the child. The mother-of-one decided it was time to add another child. Now fans are happy to hear all the news about the baby.
Chloe is used to surprising her followers with news, but the latter undoubtedly won. During a busy week of news, Chloe revealed that she and Tristan were just days away from welcoming another baby into the world through surrogacy. Hulu viewers were a little puzzled as to why she decided to have another child with Tristan, especially after the NBA player’s paternity scandal. Tristan was known for repeatedly cheating on Chloe, leaving fans wondering why the star wanted to make him a father again.
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According to E! News, Chloe and Tristan are expecting a boy. The former couple already share one daughter, Tru Thompson, and now she will soon become an older sister. The source mentioned that Chloe is very happy to become a mother again and is “grateful” to the surrogate mother who brings her such a blessing. With the baby reportedly due any day now, the Kardashian star is taking some time away from the cameras so she and the Chicago Bulls player can focus on their growing family.
But the fact that they are expanding their unconventional family does not mean that Chloe and Tristan are back together. It is said that the former couple has no plans for a relationship, as they have not spoken since December. It is said that the consequences occurred due to the fact that Tristan found out that he has another child, his son Theo. The source shared that Kardashian’s new baby was conceived before Chloe was told about Tristan’s affair with Marali Nichols.
The 38-year-old man is very happy to give his brother and sister to Tru and is looking forward to the appearance of a newborn in the house. The Kardashian star is likely to share the news of the birth in the coming days or weeks, and fans are waiting with bated breath. Viewers have watched how Chloe has been extremely outspoken in the past about freezing her eggs, IVF and surrogacy. Now supporters are just happy that she has decided to expand her family on her own terms, and wish her all the best in her new journey.