Khloé Kardashian plans a beautiful and big birthday at her place for True!


Khloé Kardashian is thrilled! Indeed, her baby, True, celebrates her second birthday Sunday, April 12, 2020…

During a live on his Instagram account, yesterday, Khloé Kardashian confided in his confinement with his daughter True! Indeed the latter said that she was reassured and serene because she lived this with her daughter!

But the mom also talked about her daughter’s birthday! Indeed, the event is fast approaching! So, she declared that she was planning to celebrate the two years of her little one!

An anniversary that falls on the same day as Easter! Thus, the daughter of Khloé Kardashian will be able to go on a chocolate hunt in her garden … While balloons will cover their house!

With the means at hand, Khloé Kardashian intends to celebrate the birthday of his only daughter! Indeed, the young mother explained that she intended to take care of everything herself in her live Instagram!

“She never went on an Easter egg hunt, because last year she was too young. So Easter Sunday, we’re going to do fun, engaging and different things for her! Khloé explained.

And to add: “We are going to decorate the Easter eggs on Sunday and do things that she is not used to and it will be great! I also have balloons that I will blow myself on Saturday! ”

One thing is therefore certain, containment or not … Khloé’s daughter is about to have a great birthday! An event that she will celebrate a second time with the whole family as soon as the confinement ends!

“There’s also Kourtney’s birthday in April … So that will give us the opportunity to celebrate it all at the end of the confinement!” So said Khloé!


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