Khloé Kardashian may have come back with Tristan


Khloé Kardashian may have reconciled with Tristan Thompson and they resumed their romance. The socialite seems to be in her best moment, after enjoying a family vacation, Khloé has unleashed the rumors of reconciliation because of her sister Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend, who is still very close to the family, she even continues to appear in “Keeping up with the Kardashians ”.

Through her personal Instagram account, Khloé decided to surprise her followers with a very attractive photo where she was wearing a bikini that caused several compliments, including those of Tristan Thompson, father of her daughter and … boyfriend again? The socialite received a message from the player, who expressed in a Jamaican word that was surprising.

However, the comment that revived the suspicions that they both resumed their relationship was that of Scott Disick, who talked a lot and seems to have ruined the couple’s plans to keep it a secret, calling Tristan Thompson a lucky man after he They both rated Khloé as a beautiful woman.


Shortly after she left her answer on the photo of the socialite, she deleted it to leave no traces, but thanks to technology, a screen shoot was enough to save the evidence. News ahead of time? This incident is in addition to one of the posts that Khloé usually shares, which consist of verbatim quotes and one of them said “Not your business.”

Her response earlier this month was a consequence of the growing rumors that she and Tristan gave each other a new opportunity despite the infidelities of the athlete, who wastes no time to comment and react to his posts on Instagram, some even consider it as flirting and Khloé may have finally responded to his intentions to get her back.

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So far, neither of the 2 have made statements about it to deny or confirm the rumors of their reconciliation, but they have remained on good terms to raise their daughter True. If Scott Disick told the truth, she will have to face the consequences for airing her private life.


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