Khloé Kardashian is inspired by her parents to take care of True


Khloé Kardashian is inspired by her parents to take care of True. After living the divorce of her parents at an early age, Khloé thinks she wants to do a good job like them.

Khloé joined her friend Laura Wasser in her Divorce Sucks podcast ! , where she talked about how her parents have been a great influence on the way she raises her little True . Her daughter of just a year and a half has grown up with separated parents since Khloe and Tristan are no longer together, however Khloé thinks she has played a good role as a mother.

The celebrity said that her parents separated when she was about 4 or 5 years old, but her divorce was never reflected in the way she was treated and educated. According to Khloé, she never heard her parents speak badly about each other while she was there, so she grew up watching them respect each other.

While she knows that little True probably has no idea what is going on around her, she is aware that she can perceive the energy that flows around her, so she makes sure she always keeps her in optimal situations.

For her part, Tristan has been responsible for maintaining herself as a constant person in True’s life, accommodating her agenda so he can live with her. While Khloé and Tristan are no longer together, they have both shown their interest in giving True the love and attention she needs , so they have maintained a friendly relationship where the main interest is the care and nurturing of their daughter.


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