Jordyn Woods was one of Jada Pinkett’s guests on the program that is broadcast on Facebook Watch, “Red Table Talk”, which she attended to undergo a test with the polygraph and answer about her relationship with Khloé Kardashian’s ex.

The test lasted about two hours, and it was said that at no time did the model lie, making it clear that between her and Tristan Thompson, nothing but a kiss happened. The only thing Woods wanted to achieve with this was that he be believed and that in the future he could be forgiven for the mistake he made.

And although she knows she is guilty, she feels calm for not letting anything else happen to the basketball player.

Although the girl wanted to do it in the calmest way, and as a way of telling the Kardashian-Jenner clan, that they believe her, perhaps to regain Kylie’s friendship; There is a person who does not believe in what the girl said in that program.

It is nothing more, and nothing less than Khloé, who did not hesitate to send a direct “indirect” message to the woman who had a loving approach with the man with whom he currently shares a daughter. UNRWA!

The socialite did not want to remain silent, and launched some messages through her stories on Instagram, where she has pointed out the people who lie in order to be well with others. Although it had been said that the businesswoman had already forgiven Jordyn, everything seems to indicate that Woods has been responsible for making the grudge return to True’s mother.


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