Khloe Kardashian denies rumors that she is dating an NBA player after breaking up with Tristan Thompson: “I’m happy focusing on my daughter and myself”


To love a lonely life. Khloe Kardashian has said that rumors that she is dating again after breaking up with Tristan Thompson are false.

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The conversation started on the Instagram account of DeuxMoi, which received an anonymous message claiming that the 37-year-old founder of Good American was “dating another NBA player.” The KardashianSocial fan account shared the screenshots on Friday, June 17 via Instagram, adding: “Who knows if it’s true, and I know she doesn’t need anyone, but I CAN’T WAIT for her to ever have the likes of Kravis and Kete, because I know. she will!”

Chloe appreciated the kind message, but said the report wasn’t accurate. “Definitely NOT TRUE!!! I love you! Thank you for your kind wishes, but I don’t see a soul,” she commented on Instagram on Saturday, June 18.

The author of Strong Looks Better Naked added: “I’m happy to focus on my daughter and myself for a while.”

She has a daughter, Tru, 4, and Thompson, 31. Although they last broke up at the end of 2021, Khloe is reliving the drama of breaking up with Kardashian. While the first season of the new reality show showed that Kim Kardashian found happiness with Pete Davidson, and Kourtney Kardashian is trying to have children with Travis Barker, Khloe’s romantic arc ended in grief.

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“It was definitely a tough episode, but there’s so much beauty in watching how close my family is,” she admitted on Twitter on Thursday, June 16, after the first season finale was released on Hulu. “We will always stick together and love each other deeply.”

The episode was devoted to the consequences of how the family found out that the NBA star was sued for alimony by Marali Nichols, with whom he admitted to sleeping in court documents. At that time, he was still dating a reality TV star.

“I’ll find out what Tristan is doing to the rest of the world,” Chloe explained in a confession during the episode. “It would be polite not to, but okay, if you do, you won’t even warn me in front of the rest of the world?” It’s just an extra slap in the face. It’s humiliating.”

The athlete’s lawsuit first became known in December 2021, and Us Weekly confirmed later that month that 31-year-old Nichols had given birth to a son, Theo. Thompson later confirmed his paternity via social media in January, making a public apology to Chloe, but earlier this month sources told us that he does not play an active role in his boy’s life.

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“Tristan is missing from Theo’s life. He did not meet with Theo and did not initiate any meetings,” one insider said. “He has no immediate plans to meet his son face to face.”

In addition, Thompson “did not communicate with Marali and still has not sent her any money for the maintenance of the child,” the source added. “This aspect has not been resolved legally yet.”