Khloe Kardashian asks “Hot” Host Sean Evans if He’s Flirting after calling Her Pantry “Impressive”


A warm welcome! Khloe Kardashian hilariously wondered if “Hot” host Sean Evans was “flirting” when he said how “impressed” he was with her hyperorganized pantry in the kitchen.

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“Without exaggeration, [your kitchen pantry] is the most organized and impressive I’ve ever seen in my life,” Evans praised the 37-year—old Kardashian star during her interview, which debuted on Thursday, June 23. the pantry design process? It’s clear that you had a vision.”

Kardashian clearly appreciated such a comment, blushing even before she moved on to hotter sauces at the table. “I do not know if you are flirting with me, but this is the best flirtation you could ever give me – a compliment to my pantry,” the reality TV star laughed. “Of course, whatever you want, you’ll get after that!”

The Good American co-founder noted that she “definitely” has a “vision” of how she organizes her space, often drawing inspiration from others, but always doing it her own way.

“My goal for my pantry is I don’t need tons of plastic, so I had to find, for example, Lazy Susans, and I could paint them… if they were made of wood of the same color, I would paint them a different color,” she said. explained, adding that she may have been “a little crazy” in her process. “I like a well-organized something. It turns me on a lot — as you can see.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum then jokingly flirted back: “I do not know if [the sauce] lingers and gets hotter… I don’t know if it’s you or the wings!”

The author of the book Strong Looks Better Naked also answered a couple of other questions from the presenter, which became more and more intimate along the way. When asked if filming with her family over the years has helped her become more aware of editing errors in other shows, Kardashian noted that she could tell when “the sound was on” or “the phone call was rigged.”

“And it’s not that these things didn’t exist,” she explained. “But sometimes they didn’t catch the sound or sometimes the microphones were turned off.”

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The Hulu personality did not mention her family’s series by name, but said she could “understand” why some editors “might just need to redo something or move on to something else.” She also admitted that she pays attention to detectives on social networks who devote themselves to analyzing alleged succession errors in The Kardashians.

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Although she flirted with Evans during her interview, Kardashian is not in the market. The Revenge Body graduate, who shares 4-year-old Truth with ex Tristan Thompson, has just confirmed that she is dating a private investor after her breakup with the 31-year-old NBA player.

After Thompson has been embroiled in numerous infidelity controversies — and, most recently, a paternity scandal— it seems Kardashian is ready to move on with the mysterious man she was introduced to by Kim Kardashian’s sister at a dinner party.