Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have a second child


Khloe Kardashian has officially become a mother of two children after the Kardashian star welcomed her and son Tristan Thompson through surrogacy. Last month, sources confirmed that Chloe and Tristan are expecting their second child together and the first from surrogacy. Fans were shocked by this statement, given that the former couple had been separated for several months. Insiders told how Chloe is ready to meet her newborn baby with or without Tristan.

It is reported that the co-founder of Good American was “crazy”, preparing for the birth of a boy. Chloe has a complete set of a children’s room and everything you need to take care of her cheerful lump. All this time, Chloe and Tristan have been separated since the scandal with his paternity was revealed last December. Chloe was adamant that she has no plans to reconcile with Tristan, despite the fact that she welcomes a second child together. The former couple were together at the time when they found out that the surrogate mother was conceived. But a month later they broke up when the public found out that Tristan had fathered his third child with a woman named Marali Nichols.

Now Chloe’s family has grown up after her surrogate mother gave birth to a boy, Eh! News reports. The baby’s arrival came a month after Chloe confirmed she was expecting her second child. Chloe and Tristan were planning to expand their family before their series of breakups last year. The former couple enjoyed a month of bliss after a baby was conceived in November. Chloe planned to raise children in a family with two parents, but had no idea that Tristan was hiding a paternity suit from her. Chloe claims that she found out about the scandal when everyone else found out.

It is reported that after the breakup, Chloe and Tristan communicated only with one of the parents of their 4-year-old daughter, Tru. Now Tru is officially the older sister of the younger brother, whom she sees every day. Tristan also welcomed a baby boy with Marali in December, but the NBA player has reportedly yet to meet his third child in person. Marali also stated that Tristan did not provide financial support to their 8-month-old son Theo. Sources say that Chloe was ready to welcome a second child in the presence of Tristan or without him. The news highlights how seriously Chloe takes the romantic separation from Tristan.

Chloe was focused on becoming a mother of two children. She was transparent on her way to conceiving another child, despite the complications. The Kardashian star expressed a desire to give Tru a brother or sister. Fans have named a younger brother, whom Tru has not yet met. It is likely that when Tristan hugs his third child, his other children will get a chance to build a brotherly bond. Now Tristan has four children to take care of, and three despised mothers. It’s good that Chloe has two beautiful children to add more love to the air.


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