Khloe Kardashian and Kelly Clarkson are linked by a heavy breakup, as the reality TV star says she is learning to “Un-love” with Tristan Thompson


A sensitive ear.

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show this week, and after everything she and the singer went through with their exes, you better believe they had something to talk about. Clarkson finalized her divorce from Brandon Blackstock earlier this year, as Kardashian broke up with Tristan Thompson at the end of 2021 after learning that he had a child with another woman. The two women became close because of their experiences, as Clarkson charmingly sought advice on how to “fall out of love” with someone.

Kelly Clarkson welcomed the new mom of two to the Kelly Clarkson show on October 27, where she asked Khloe Kardashian about comments she made on her family’s Hulu reality show about how to forget Tristan Thompson after his latest cheating scandal. The presenter joked that she had asked a friend, and cheerfully asked for a pen and paper to take notes before commenting:

It is difficult. I think sometimes it’s the most ridiculous thing when something doesn’t work out and you’re in a relationship and you’re so deeply in love and people are like, “Oh yeah, why can’t you [move on]?” I think that maybe I will always love this person, I do not know if it will pass.

Khloe Kardashian definitely sympathized with Kelly Clarkson and replied that she even still loves her ex-husband Lamar Odom, despite what he put her through because of his infidelity and substance abuse problems. She told the singer:

No, I don’t think it will pass. Like, I sincerely still love my ex-husband and I want the best for him and I root for him. We all, I think, just change or evolve, or sometimes you realize that it just doesn’t suit you. And when I said I was learning to stop loving Tristan, I think people—whether it’s family, friends, or anyone you tell your story to-they’re like, “Okay, so move on.” It’s not that simple.

Kelly Clarkson agreed, saying that there is no switch that could turn off these feelings. The American Idol champion filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in 2020 after seven years of marriage. Their divorce was filled with strife: both sides filed lawsuits against each other, and the former couple fought for everything from custody to property. The drama surrounding Clarkson’s ranch in Montana continued for several months after the divorce agreement was reached.

Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian found out that Marali Nichols is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s son just a few days after they conceived their own child with the help of a surrogate mother. The Kardashians’ journey in the months between their breakup and the birth of their son was described at the premiere of the second season of The Kardashians, and the reality star told Kelly Clarkson that since the NBA player was her best friend and the person she called in everything, it’s hard to reprogram, despite the fact that she knows that these relationships don’t suit her. You can watch their full exchange below:

Having played a fairly significant role in the first season of the Hulu reality show, Tristan Thompson (unsurprisingly) was absent from the second season, which mostly documented the family’s life in the months after their breakup. New episodes of The Kardashians can be streamed every Thursday with a Hulu subscription, and check your local listings to see the Kelly Clarkson show in your area.


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