KFC relaunches its legendary mini chicken fillets!


KFC knows how to please chicken die-hards. The fast food restaurant has launched an enticing offer of mini-fillets in England.

KFC is one of the favorite fast food outlets with its many sandwiches and chicken buckets. In England, the brand has launched a superb offer and followers may well eat a lot of mini-fillets!

KFC is making a very tempting offer to its fans. Fast food established itself in France a few years ago and quickly found its audience. It must be said that he is the only one to offer only chicken menus. Thus, the fans have the choice between many sandwiches but also buckets.

Chicken lovers can therefore indulge themselves and the brand knows how to promote its products. The “chicken specialist since 1939”, as the official website indicates, has decided to offer very original hot dogs. So, recently, customers can discover the crispy tenders hot dog classic.

However, for those who love spices, KFC has also released their crispy tenders hot dog “2HOT4U” (too spicy for you). If in France these new products seem to attract customers, in England, it is especially the mini chicken fillets that are talking about them. And for good reason, the fast food has launched a great offer.

Fast food restaurants like to launch really inexpensive menus to customers. Thus, the brand aligns with Burger King and McDonald’s and has just launched a limited-time offer of mini-fillets. Fans will rush into the restaurant to be able to devour it without complex!

KFC is relaunching its legendary mini chicken fillets just for its fans!


In England, KFC decided to please the followers. So, for four weeks, the restaurant has a nice offer of 10 mini chicken fillets for just £ 4.99. Or around 5.5 euros per box of chicken. It seems interesting when we know that the 5 tenders menu costs 7.95 euros in France.

So, even in times of health crisis, fast food knows how to please customers. In England the offer of mini chicken fillets starts on March 1st and ends on March 28th. The fans are therefore likely to eat a lot of chickens for the next few weeks.

As the Mirror explains, people will be able to drive this great deal and even order it on the KFC app starting March 1. Customers will only have to select the closest fast food restaurant to their location in order to eat lots and lots of chicken!

Finally, the brand continues to be very careful about Covid-19. Thus, KFC respects all sanitary measures and the team prepares your chickens in the best possible conditions. As in France, employees respect social distancing in the kitchens and clean terminal screens regularly. So you can enjoy your menu in peace over the next few weeks.


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