KFC is about to make its comeback on Reunion Island!


The giant of fried chicken, KFC, will soon be back on Reunion Island? We give you more details. KFC soon back on Reunion Island?

It’s the fried chicken lovers of the French overseas department who will be happy! Indeed, Colonel Sanders’ ensign intends to make a comeback on Reunion Island.

You should know that since 2018, KFC has been setting out to conquer the French overseas departments and territories. Thus, Reunion is the last to welcome the brand on its territory.

It was the boss of Burger King who broke the news. “KFC will be arriving on the island very soon. »Declares Philippe Lariche.

Before adding that his brand plans to expand by opening a dozen new restaurants. This announcement therefore marks the return of KFC to Reunion Island.

Because yes, in the 90s the giant of fried chicken had already tried to seduce the people of Reunion with its recipes that we love so much. As you can imagine, this didn’t work since the fast food restaurant had to close its doors one after its opening.

Indeed, the locals were not wowed by Colonel Sanders’ recipes. It was a blow to him, who seems to have taken 30 years to recover, since it is only today that he decides to return.

Reunion Island seems to be becoming a real El Dorado for the giants of fast food. Indeed, the openings of fast food chains are multiplying.

KFC is about to make its comeback on Reunion Island!


30 years ago, KFC therefore failed in its mission to set up in Reunion. This year, the fast-food brand has therefore decided to try its luck again.

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Perhaps reassured by the success of other restaurateurs like Mc Donald’s or Burger King? You should know that even during the current health crisis, these brands seem to hold up well. Eh yes.

Indeed, their dating rate has not dropped. This is also a valid observation for the whole world. We do indeed remember the long endless queues at Mc Donald’s drive for example. While we were in full lockdown!

A huge success that even tended to annoy other restaurateurs who were forced to close their doors to the public. Without surprise !

In any case, KFC’s return to Reunion Island could be a success this time around. Indeed, on the web, some Internet users had even launched petitions for the brand to open a restaurant on their island.

But Colonel Sanders will have to prove himself this time around. Indeed, he cannot afford a second failure.

Will its famous secret recipe with fine herbs and multiple spices be able to compete with the traditional Reunionese fried chicken? Only the locals can tell us! Stay tuned, up close.


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