KFC collaborates with the “Genshin Impact” video game!


In China, the fast-food chain KFC is preparing an unprecedented collaboration with the video game Genshin Impact to offer exclusive products

A collaboration between a video game and a fast food restaurant? It’s possible. And KFC is proof of that.

It’s in Asia that it’s happening. The famous fast-food chain KFC has decided to launch this very unexpected collaboration.

And it is the Genshin Impact video game that KFC chose for the occasion. This action game takes place in an open world and where the player takes on the role of a character. “The Traveler” is therefore to be lost in a land called Tayvat. The goal is to visit the surroundings and find the different dungeons.

It’s a real journey that allows the character to travel through many landscapes. He can even cross mountains and rivers, and be immersed in a new world.

This game in the false air of Zelda therefore allows players to face magical creatures through the elements. But also to meet other characters on the road. It has a unique soundtrack composed by Orchestras from London and Shanghai.

And the graphics are very well done. They are lively and engaging, which makes the animation very smooth and allows the player to be fully in the game.

This “RPG” was developed by the Chinese studio “miHoYo” and is free. It is available on smartphone, PC and PlayStation. So why did KFC want to collaborate with this game?


If the Genshin Impact video game is already a real success, it will be even more so thanks to KFC. And it was in a tweet that streamer Zeniet broke the news.

He therefore informs that KFC will offer buckets bearing the image of Diluc. But also limited edition “wing skins”. And according to the Reddit site, customers will still have access to a very special surprise. For this you must have a code to receive an exclusive planter.

But we still have to wait a bit to see all this. KFC will release this collaboration on March 8. And it is unlikely to reach Europe.

These crossovers are not new to China. Indeed, the Asian country loves to associate local pop culture with fast food. As was the case with Final Fantasy 14 which also collaborated with KFC.

To promote the game, the fast food restaurant asked customers to eat a disturbing amount of fried chicken to earn a special “chocobo mount”.

But the video game craze doesn’t end there. KFC also launched its own Twitter page called “KFC Gaming” in 2018. On which it shares lots of memes and jokes about the world of “gamers”.

KFC knows how to get good publicity. They surf the latest trending video games to attract their customers. And it must be said that it works.


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